Any person, firm, or corporation doing business, owning property, or interested in the advancement of the City and County of Okmulgee is eligible for membership in the Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce.

Classifications of members and investment rates are as follows:

Individuals, Financial Institutions, Utilities, Motels, Apartments, Civic Clubs & Organizations, Trailer Parks, Professional, Newspapers & Radio/Television Stations.

Investments are as follows:

Non-Voting Individual Membership - $37.00 Annual - Non-voting membership is limited to retired persons.  No person shall be eligible to membership in this classification if they are qualified in any other classification.

Financial Institutions - $155.00 Base Investment + $25.00 per million in assests or negotiable.

Utility Companies, Radio/Television, and Newspapers - Negotiable

Motels & Apartments - Motels $155.00 for the first 10 units, then $3.00 for each additional unit + an additional $155.00 for a public restaurant attached as part of the business. Apartment complexes pay $155.00 for the first 20 units, then $2.00 for each additional unit.

Civic Clubs & Organizations - $60.00 Annual - Full Voting Member. Civic Clubs, Social Organizations, Non-Profit, Not-for-Profit, Religious Organizations, Schools, or Government Employees.

Trailer Parks - $155.00 for the first 20 spaces, then $2.00 for each additional space.

Professional - $155.00 per professional - Attorneys, Physicians, Dentists, Architects, Accountants, Engineers and Veterinarians.

Other Business: Retail and wholesale trade and services, amusements, auto dealers (new & used), service stations, garages, printers, laundries, cleaners, transportation, real estate, insurance agents, restaurants, manufacturers, processors, distributors, construction firms and seller of goods and services or otherwise classified, will be based on the Standard Investment Schedule.